53 Interesting Things to Do in Your Lectures

Lectures remain a staple form of teaching in higher and professional education. However, some lectures are more effective than others. 53 interesting things to do in your lectures presents practical suggestions, each tried and tested, for developing your lectures. The book is designed for dipping into to find suggestions that dovetail with your own practice. The topics covered are wide-ranging. They include: structuring the lecturing...

The L2 Acquisition of Tense–Aspect Morphology

The present volume provides a cross-linguistic perspective on the development of tense-aspect in L2 acquisition. Data-based studies included in this volume deal with the analysis of a wide range of target languages: Chinese, English, Italian, French, Japanese, and Spanish. Theoretical frameworks used to evaluate the nature of the empirical evidence range from generative grammar to functional-typological linguistics. Several studies f...

Cross-Linguistic Corpora for the Study of Translations

The book specifies a corpus architecture, including annotation and querying techniques, and its implementation. The corpus architecture is developed for empirical studies of translations, and beyond those for the study of texts which are inter-lingually comparable, particularly texts of similar registers. The compiled corpus, CroCo, is a resource for research and is, with some copyright restrictions, accessible to other research proj...

Alpha-Phonics A Primer for Beginning Readers

We are currently teaching our fifth son to read using Alpha-phonics. We used Alpha-phonics to teach each of his older brothers as well. We can't say enough good about this book! It is easy to use and inexpensive. It introduces easy sentences right away, which is a great motivator. We have found that it works best for us to use Alpha-phonics alone at first, and then later add some phonics flash cards. (We use Romalda Spaldings phonogr...

Maryland Adventure, The Student Guide: New MD 4th SG

The Maryland Adventure Student Guide accompanies the student edition and is aligned with the Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum standards for social studies. The Student Guide provides activators that kick-start every lesson by allowing students to access prior knowledge and make predictions. Graphic organizers and social studies skill pages are also included. One Student Guide is free with every purchase of 25 or more student editi...

Ortografía y gramática para Dummies

“Quiero que me sirva las cervezas el camarero alto y guapo.” ¿Verdad que tú mismo podrías haber dicho una frase como ésta sin estrujarte mucho el cerebro? Pues debes saber que has utilizado el modo verbal subjuntivo y una subordinada sustantiva, y has hecho concordar los artículos en género y número con los sustantivos a los que acompañan. ¡Toma ya! O sea, que el idioma lo dominas, solo te falta aprender algunas normas básicas para q...