Wrestling - The Making of a Champion: The Takedown

A world-championship wrestler and outstanding teacher gives a move-by-move guide to the takedown, the most crucial maneuver in wrestling. The book includes nearly a thousand action sequences - photographs that contrast a black wrestler with a white wrestler against a measured horizontal and vertical grid designed by the author. These photographs show clearly the relative position of the wrestlers in each move, enabling novice and exp...

Shaolin Mantis White Ape Offers Fruit

This dual language Chinese/English edition is beautifully designed. This series has an introductory calligraphic introduction by Yang Zhao Ting, the former president of the National Chinese WuShu Association. The writer of the series, Geng Jun, studied under SuXi, SuFa and Li ZhuanYuan. There are general notes and demonstrations of the Shaolin stances for the entire series. There's also a nice short color section on students and Geng...

Théâtre de Dumas père, entre héritage et renouvellement by Collectif

Ce livre part d'un constat : malgré une abondante production, étalée sur près de cinquante ans, le théâtre de Dumas subit aujourd'hui une indéniable éclipse. Or, son auteur a joué un rôle de premier plan dans la "bataille" romantique ; il a continué sans interruption d'écrire pour la scène jusqu'à sa mort ; refusant l'exclusive, il a pratiqué tous les genres. Il laisse un corpus officiel de soixante-six pièces, en réalité plus de cen...

Traditional Wooden Dummy: Ip Man's Wing Chun System

The Wing Chun wooden training dummy is a training device designed to correct technique and structure as well as increase power, speed, accuracy, and conditioning. Learn the true Original Ip Man’s Wing Chun Wooden Dummy form from Grandmaster Samuel Kwok. This book is a complete step-by-step guide to the Wooden Dummy hands techniques, legs application, and footwork. All the original sections are demonstrated clearly from start to finis...

Sabaki Method: Karate in the Inner Circle

Ninomiya Kancho lays out the ground work for sabaki in extraordinary detail. From the very basics (beginners kihon), which almost all karate styles share in common, to Enshin waza and Sabaki, to training combinations for heavy bag and pads and even some kata (Shiro obi no kata & Midori obi no kata) and tameshiwari, all sprinkled with some karate philosophy. The book may not be mind-blowing for someone training in Ashihara or Ensh...

Gyokko Ryû: Taijutsu no Kata (Bujinkan Budô Densho)

For a Bujinkan practitioner it should be understood that no pictures or words can convey the feeling of the movements. With that in mind, these pictures provide excellent reference for someone well versed in Bujinkan training, especially those working with a qualified instructor to assist with interpretation and application. I have been practicing Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu for more than 18 years, and i have found that this is simply one...

Death Touch: The Science Behind the Legend of Dim-Mak

This is an excellent book with an unfortunate title. "Death Touch" is a bit of a spectacular phrase but once you start reading the book, you realize that it's a text book based in science and dealing with vital points from a modern medical perspective, explaining how the nerve endings that are listed work in the body's nervous system. Whether you're an active practitioner of kyusho or just interested in learning more, this is an exce...

Taijiquan in 88 Forms

This book offers illustrated instruction on the complete Yang Tai Chi 88 Form. It also provides information and instruction on push-hands training and Tai Chi footwork.